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What Women Say about the Faithful Life Planner

My Faithful Life Planner is one of my favorite things I own. I love the focus on intentionality, faith, and priorities. It's helped me to stay focused on what REALLY matters to me and allows me to see God's faithfulness in my life.


I am so glad to finally have a resource that keeps me organized AND gives me space for prayer and journaling. It is a little convicting though because I can easily see when I haven’t spent time in the Word! The Faithful Life Planner has been a great tool to grow in my faith and manage my day.


I love my Faithful Life Planner. I needed a tool to help me stay consistent in my walk with the Lord and keep my family organized, and it’s been perfect for that. It’s helped me to stay accountable and really put thought into how I’m living and the changes I want to make.  I use it every day and take it with me everywhere.


The Faithful Life Planner is Christ-focused. Want to keep Jesus at the center of your life? This planner will help you!


This is the first planner that has really helped me prioritize my relationships and spiritual walk. Since using the Faithful Life Planner this year, I’ve grown so much closer to God. Thank you so much for creating this planner!


The Faithful Life Planner is AWESOME! It incorporates my faith into my days, weeks and months. I love the areas where you can journal and reflect. I especially love how it's focused and centered around God and helps me be more intentional.


he Faithful Life Planner sold out before I could order it!! I thought I had more time, but I just wasn’t fast enough. You better believe I’m already on the wait list. Can’t wait to order one for 2019!!


Order your Faithful Life Planner!

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